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At Coopman Creative I offer highly skilled copywriting services crafting compelling, targeted and on-brand content for online, print and press communications.

Having cut my teeth previously in the wider world of marketing, I now love dedicating my time to working with words; conjuring copy for all kinds of businesses, charities and arts organisations.

Before I tinker with tone and grapple with grammar, I tend to meet with you first to get 'inside your head', developing a convincing voice for your brand to capture exactly how you want to come across. I then craft clear and impactful content for whatever communication you require: websites, brochures, e-campaigns, press releases, direct mailing, corporate reports – you name it and I’ll write it!

As well as copywriting, I offer experienced proofreading and copy-editing services. I also regularly partner with design and creative agencies to provide my skills as part of their services.

My Services:


Web CopyTop

Involve me in a new website build from the beginning, or brief me on individual pages or sections of your site needing a refresh. I’ve written winning copy for new start-ups to big-name brands, so know exactly what keeps customers clicking.

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E-newsletters and email campaignsTop

Whether it’s regular newsletters or a one-off call to action, let me show you how to inspire those inboxes: with ten years’ marketing experience, I have the knowledge and the copy clout to write the engaging e-communications you’re after.

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Brochures, leaflets and direct mailTop

With extensive experience writing and editing promotional brochures, leaflets, ‘what’s on’ guides and fundraising mailings, I’ll add persuasive pizzazz to any print, ensuring accuracy and hitting the right tone of voice, as well as proofreading the lot.

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Corporate reports and reviewsTop

Someone has to write these tomes - and fortunately I love doing it! Let me grapple with your in-house idioms and transform your annual reports, reviews and corporate positioning documents into appealing pieces of print you’d be proud to put on your coffee table.

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PR campaigns and press releasesTop

Get yourself read: I can help craft interesting content and press releases to get the grapevine talking; from interviews with product users to increase your online engagement, to swift turnaround of an urgent press announcement.

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Proofreading and editingTop

Don’t risk an embarrassing typo: whether it’s webpage or a lengthy legal document, use me as your extra pair of eyes with years of proof-reading and editing expertise.

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Brand voice developmentTop

You wouldn’t develop a website or print business cards without some sort of visual identity for your organisation – so why start writing without your brand voice nailed down? Authoritative or jokey, business-like or poetic, work with me to convincingly capture the real character of your company.

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Hire me as part of your agency teamTop

If you’re a design or creative agency with limited resources for in-house copywriting or proofreading, look no further. I have excellent partnerships with a range of agencies who call on my skills as part of their extended team, improving the service they can offer their clients.

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