HMG Law website

Client: HMG Law

Sector: Online

Services: Brand voice development, Web Copy, Proofreading and editing

The brief

HMG Law approached me as they were undergoing a brand refresh and launching a new website, and needed new brand copy and extensive web content. HMG are Oxford's oldest law firm with astonishing expertise, but at the same time are a small high street firm with a really friendly, apporachable and fun team. They were very keen that their new brand voice and content reflect this mixture of rich heritage and impressive reputation with a genuine warmth and human touch. They needed every page of their website re-written accordingly, from the brand statements of the homepage to the complex services pages to a new profile for every staff member.

The challenge

Working closely with the team at HMG itself, as well as business consultancy Wellmeadow who had been working on aspects of HMG's new brand, I had the fun creative challenge of bringing the contrasting elements of this eminent law firm's personality to life and crafting it into a genuine, engaging tone of voice which would attract new clients without alienating longstanding existing loyal customers. There was a lot of content to work on, from the homepage and About Us, to the many different legal services HMG offer. The challenge with the Services pages was to lay out how the legal experts at HMG can help, couching it in layman's terms and making it an enaging page people would want to read- not dry legal speak - but without dumbing down what is a very high level law firm. We also wanted to rewrite all the solicitors' profiles to make them sound like the human beings they are - which was a fun challenge!

The results

HMG are thrilled with their website and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback. They hope to see new clientele picking up on their services, and will enjoy an online presence more reperesentative of their firm's personality and ethos.

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